Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Clinton Rules Remain In Effect

            This is absurd.  All evidence would seem to indicate that Hilary Clinton did not do anything wrong.  On July 6, FBI Director James Comey said there was no reason to prosecute, and went on for fifteen minutes about how Hilary is awful because Clinton.  On July 8, Comey contradicted himself in his testimony before Congress, when he admitted that none of the thousands of e-mail exchanges Hilary Clinton turned over to the FBI were actually marked classified.  Oops, my mistake.  Two were marked classified by mistake, as in they did not need to be marked at all.  So much for extremely careless. 

            But the story will not die though.  Bad stories never do, especially stories about the Clintons.  The Clintons are the most scrutinized political couple in history, ahead of only Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.  The source of this scrutiny is always the same: Republicans carry it out with the help of a willing news media.  It does sell clicks.  We call it the Clinton Rules: the normal rules of evidence do not apply, any innuendo, rumor, or drug-fueled imagining is worthy of investigation, assume guilty until proven innocent, make damn well sure to bite and hold.  Don’t believe me?  I do not need to prove it, because the press does a fine job for me.  Jonathan Allen admitted it on Vox last year!  How many scandals have the Clintons been involved in over the last two decades?  What were the consequences?  So far, the only prosecution in all that time was Bill Clinton’s impeachment for lying about an affair.  Maybe, just maybe the Clintons keep their perch and come out of the meatgrinder unscathed repeatedly because they have never done anything else wrong.  I know what most people are thinking, because they have written it.  A lot, they have written.  The rules do not apply to the powerful!  Rich man’s Justice!  JUSTICE! JUSTICEJUSTICE!  Is it so utterly unbelievable that someone powerful is actually innocent?  I thought after someone cries wolf too much, we were supposed to start ignoring the boy. 

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